Shows that Educate and Entertain

A fascinating approach to "seeing'' music


This presentation introduces an accessible method of thinking about music 

that improves sight-reading, jumpstarts jazz improvisation, and allows for 

a deeper understanding of the most commonly used sounds in music.

A theremin show featuring YOU


It begins with a demonstration of the world's first electronic instrument, invented in 1920, and then YOU play the theremin. With no buttons, valves or frets, the player must rely on their ears to find the next note. Fun for all ages!

(See and hear the theremin in action on the Video page.)

A musician's most powerful tool for practicing


This demonstration introduces the Circle of Fourths (one of the Shapes of Music) and offers SIX unique ways to perceive and explore it. Students of all levels will benefit from an understanding of these essential musical concepts. (White board required.)

What is Klezmer?


This presentation introduces Eastern European folk music with the story of 

how klezmer came to America and influenced pop culture with 

exotic rhythms like bulgars, freilachs, horas, and terkishes. 

See the VIDEO page for samples.

A Show for Elementary Schools


This show was designed to present the woodwind family to young students at the time they are expected to choose an instrument to play. You'll find a sample on the VIDEO page.

Music for the Month of March


A sampling of popular favorites from the Emerald Isle performed on a variety of penny whistles and complete with upbeat narration, limericks, and a sing-along. See samples on the VIDEO.

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